1. Anonymous said: Oooh my God you really going to write for me?! :O this is.. woooow :33Uhm.. Kageyama is mad because he has feelings for Hinata :3And thanks to you I feel better now :3


    ((from earlier. yes, of course I will write for you. kagehina makes you happy. kagehina makes me happy. I see no downside to this arrangement! So glad you’ve cheered up, though I think I channeled your earlier sadness a bit too much at the beginning of this! Here goes.))

    Will you be my dumbass?

    It starts with a beam of light filtering in through one of the gym’s high windows. Tobio watches, noticing dust motes, patterns—the fall of it on Hinata’s face, transforming him into a study of light and dark. He’s standing with his arms at his sides, catching his breath. His eyes are closed, and for a short moment Tobio allows himself to look.

    The ache in Tobio’s chest returns.

    His hand bunches in his shirt, over his heart. He’s not stupid; he’s not. This realization has been dawning on him for a while, now, but he has been pushing it away with both hands.

    The more he pushes, though, the more inevitable it seems.

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    Best scene ever.♡♥

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    Legolas and Gimli’s arrival at Valinor

  4. (Source: ebsdrawings)

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    The lord of the rings meets Mean Girls. Based on this (x) post

  8. favourite character meme: [1/3] emotions or traits 

    → arrogance

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    that girl you just called fat? she is fat. that boy you just called gay? he is gay. those orcs you just pointed at an yelled “orcs!” they are some orcs. those hobbits you said they are taking to isengard? they are taking them to isengard. legolas we will give you some lembas if you promise to stop pointing out the obvious for 5 minutes.

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