1. ask-k-pop-korea:

    OOC: Collab between me and http://ask-solitarykorea.tumblr.com/, if you’re not already watching him, then you’re missing out on a lot of homos.

    S.K: Trouble maker? As in.. Troublemaker - Troublemaker?…

    I only agreed to be the girl because North kept whining about it I swear da-ze!!

    N.K; Fuck you South! I’m keeping the shirt! 

    S.K: It’s not yours to keep!! And get off that chair! It’ll only make you look taller in the photos! Not real life, da-ze!

  2. innovatorjw:

    내게도 여동생이 있다.
    어렸을땐 서로가 서로를 그렇게 챙겨줬다고 하는데..어렴풋한 기억들만 있고 지금의 모습은 서로 바쁘다보니..그리고 성장과정에 있어서 다투고 상처만 주다보니..썩 가깝지만은 않다.

    그러나..이번 안타까운 사고, 그리고 6살짜리 오빠라는 녀석이 여동생을…이렇게 살려주었다는 이야기를 보며 ‘나도..나였다면..이렇게 했을 수 있었을까?’ 하는 생각. 이 하나만 떠오르며 눈물이 왈칵 쏟아졌다.


  3. 2k-dragon:

    The day I was born, I had gotten stuck and the doctor had to use a medical tool to pull me out…only he didn’t wait for them to cool down from being sanitized and thus burned my face, melting a piece of my cheek. Nothing severe but a nit noticeable. Growing up I find out that the very doctor who…


  4. forgetfulowl:

    When I first heard about the ferry tragedy from my mom and that hundreds of high school kids were trapped and possibly dead, I just started sobbing. I couldn’t help but imagine their innocent, excited faces before boarding the ferry. I couldn’t help the thought that each of these kids had hopes, dreams, and so much potential to take their lives in whatever direction they wanted, only for their lives to be cut so senselessly short. I can’t even imagine the fear that they were experiencing as they followed the bastard captain’s orders to stay below deck only to realize when the ship capsized and the water rushed inside that this was the end.

    My heart aches for those grieving families. Those parents who cheerfully sent off their kids, waiting and waving until the ferry was out of sight, eagerly awaiting updates of the field trip, telling their friends, family and coworkers that their kid was off on a trip, buying ingredients to make their kid’s favorite meal to celebrate their return. I’m not a parent so I can’t even pretend to understand the magnitude of the grief that they are going through as they sit there, desperately and maddeningly hoping and praying for a miracle. 

    Park Ji-Young is a hero in every sense of the word; her selflessness and bravery only highlighted by the cowardice of her captain. The situation must have been terrifying and despite having plentiful opportunity to give into the fear and to think about saving herself first, despite even being urged by the others to save herself, the fact that she steadfastly continued to save her passengers until her untimely death, the fact that she stayed true to her words, “After saving you, I will get out… The crew goes out last” is indescribably and heartbreakingly heroic. It is a damn shame that we lost such a beautifully courageous young woman and kept a spineless and selfish idiot instead. Park Ji-Young, I can only hope to emulate how amazing you are.  

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  6. platinasi:

    Excuse my little rant- just had to type this out after seeing this photo post.

    Whoa dang. Look at that person with the red letter ‘a’ icon. Do they have ANY respect at all? Not just for the victims’ families, but all of us Korean citizens as well. Do they think we would WANT to carry out all…


  7. figuregames:

    South Korea has 555 police divers, navy, professional search divers along with volunteer divers on deck. It isn’t that they lack the resources. The country is surrounded by water. They know what rescue mission is. The person who made the mistake was the captain who abandoned the ship, giving wrong…

  8. yukinettles:

    This is absolutely heartless of you shameless YouTube commenters. South Korea is not all about K-Pop. If this is all that matters to you, I’m ashamed to have you alongside me as a fan of K-Pop. Do not blame us. I am disgusted by these. Sickening. #PrayForSouthKorea


  10. Hey, Sewol victims.


    My prayers are with you. I’m not giving up hope. I pray that every single one of you is found.

    Dead or alive. That doesn’t matter for now. Hang in there. You will be found.

    Survivors. You are the strongest.

    Rescuers. You are the most respected.

    Victims. You are the most courageous.

    Every single one of you is special.

    Just come back. Please.